Who We Are

We are a manufacturer mainly focusing on etching device / wafer cleaning device / spin dryer / plasma CVD device / sputtering device / EB evaporation apparatus, and semiconductor manufacturing device.
We are a company that can manufacture according to your desires, whether small device for research or automatic device for mass production purposes.
We also develop and manufacture cleaning device for LCD, PDP, organic EL, LED and more with our technology.
We are able to offer at a low price since all products are manufactured within the company.
Please feel free to contact us regarding maintenance for our's and also other companies' products.


Three reasons it was chosen

  • We will respond immediately whenever there is a problem

    Reason 1.Quick Response

    We will respond immediately whenever there is a problem

    We believe that a prompt response is the best contribution to our customers. We can respond quickly not only for submitting a quote after receiving an inquiry but also a manufacturing and a follow-through service whenever it is necessary to hurry because we are a small company but highly skilled, talented and efficient group.

  • Reliable follow ups that can only be done by a manufacturer

    Reason 2.Reliability

    Reliable follow-through service can only be handled by a manufacturer

    Our experience of responding to customer feedbacks has given us specialized skills and knowledge!
    We often receive inquiries such as "Can you provide a maintenance on other manufacturer's equipment?" or "Is it possible to only request for equipment modification?"
    By listening and answering to their demands, customers now say ""If there is something we can't handle, JAC will solve it". We provide a long term support not only for our equipment, but also other manufacturer's equipment as well.

  • We respond immediately to your problems

    Reason 3.Flexible Approach

    We respond immediately to your problems

    We respond to sudden requests of specification changes. After receiving an order, we thoroughly discuss with the customer, design and manufacture their equipment at our fab, and deliver it to the customer. However, even if we have a sufficient discussion with the customer for specifications, there may be cases that the customer requests to change the specifications before or during the installation on site.
    In that cases, we flexibly respond to their sudden requests to change the specifications.


We move forward with the technology, which is one step ahead of others. This has been our vision and our motivation since the beginning.
Our company was established as a group of technical experts related to semiconductor manufacturing equipment as well as cleaning and etching.
As the group who always respond to a wide range of user needs, we have been steadily expanding our business field by making a contribution not only the chemical processing of wafers but also automation and labor saving in semiconductor manufacturing lines.
By making full use of our technological abilities and know-how cultivated through the field, we continue to contribute to the social development in order to respond to further advancement of the social systems in the future.



Company Name JAPANCREATE Co. Ltd.
CEO Masayoshi Uesugi
Capital 30 million yen
Date of Establishment December 7th 1963
Major Banks MUFG Bank, Ltd. Tokorozawa Branch
Saitama Resona Bank, Ltd. Tokorozawa Branch
The Chiba Bank, Ltd. Shinmatsudo Branch
Major Clients and Countries 【Domestic】
Major manufacturers, Governmental facilities and Universities and the others
Taiwan, China, South Korea, USA, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Europe
Headquarters Headquarters / Wet Process Department
1-203-4 Hayashi, Tokorozawa City, Saitama Prefecture
TEL +81-4-2938-3111
EMAIL info@japancreate.co.jp
FAX 04-2938-3116
Nagareyama Office/Factory Plasma Process Device
956-1 Nishihirai, Nagareyama City, Chiba Prefecture
TEL +81-4-7150-5731
EMAIL info-p@japancreate.co.jp
FAX 04-7150-5741